Wildemount: Rise of The Gloomstalkers

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FantasySword & Sorcery


Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed


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About the Adventure

Adventure overview:

This is the world of Critical Role.

Welcome adventurers, as you find yourself in the icy north of the Greying Wildlands.

You are invited to join The Gloomstalkers, a band of adventurers based out of Shadycreek Run. This ensemble of heroes are finding fame, fortune and possibly notoriety as they work to improve things in this frontier town.

Now, The Gloomstalkers are on their most deadly and wondrous quest yet – an expedition to the cursed city of Molaesmyr!

This terrifying and dangerous place is not for the faint-hearted…yet great treasures await those that survive!

It is a time for adventurers, a time for heroes…and you can be one of them! Join us as we embark on increasingly epic quests in this ongoing campaign to determine the fate of you and your friends, Wildemount, and possibly a whole lot more…

What if you’ve never played an RPG; what is it like?

Our games are player driven, putting you and your character at the center of the plot. Your choices will decide the outcome: from heroic victory to an untimely end. We’re here to tell a great story that makes you feel like you’re in your favorite book or movie.

Who will like this game?

  1. Experienced players who are looking for a deep and immersive challenge.
  2. Players who want to explore a fantastical world, discover exciting new places, and make decisions that impact the world around them.
  3. Players who enjoy building unique characters who can grow and develop through the story and gameplay.
  4. Players who are interested in developing a story, and interacting with a variety of diverse and interesting characters.
  5. People who enjoy working together with other players to solve problems, and have a great time in the process!



5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%

Level 8 Monk Way of the Excellent DM

May 23, 2024

Adam is an excellent story teller, great host, and an amazing voice actor!

If you’re a noob or a veteran this is a table you’ll not regret taking a seat at.

Landon O (verified owner)

Good fun interactive sessions

May 10, 2024

Adam is a very welcoming GM who loves everything creative and you can tell his passion even when out of game and he’s helping collaboratively world build with you and your characters

Tom (verified owner)

Forever DM

March 14, 2024

As someone fresh to DnD and TTRPGs in general, I joined my first ever game with Adam several months ago. He has been such a great mentor, dungeon master and friend, he’s alway there to bounce ideas for your character off and provide guidance and advice.

But I think most importantly, you can tell he truly loves being a DM, because every session we come in and it’s like being greeted by an old friend. And he makes sure you are having just as much fun as he is.

My recommendation: A DM for everyone.

Lisa (verified owner)

So much fun

November 10, 2023

After a long pause I was ready yet bervous to jump back in and Adam made it easy and welcoming. Awesome immersive DM. Feel that he’s always available with either with some sage advice concerning the game or your character or some reassurances that everything is running as its supposed to and a “do not worry just enjoy the game” attitude. Its a shame that my real life commitment obstructed my ability to participate in this campaign but anyone wanting to experience an RPG this is your guy and if on top of that, like me, you’re a crit roll fan, you’re in good hands. Thanks for everything Adam????

Liam Green

A DM that loves the game as much as you do

October 5, 2023

As the title says, if you’re looking for someone who loves the game as much as you do – you’ve found him.

Some clear examples of this for me are the following:

– First and foremost, the time he takes with you. I can’t express how valuable this kind of dedication is for me.

He will help you build your character and make that character fit the world it’s going to enter. He will take time to hear all your crazy character ideas. Be it about the build itself or the backstory or whatnot. He will level with you, trying to reach an agreement that leaves you happy and fits the setting. And he will go and blend your backstory into the campaign, so you can have fun unfolding it.

– He’s built his own homebrew campaign, which I’ve been playing and is nothing short amazing. Interesting quests and side quests. Multiple threads to unfold, characters, backstory from the PCs… there’s a lot of room for you to insert your own creativity into the game, or your plans – until you see all of that fail at the first roll of a dice of course!

– He’s great at voice acting, and all of his characters feel unique. With very distinct personalities, looks, accents and and depth to them.

– He’s also great with new players. I myself was a new player when I started with him about 2 months ago (and still am). He help me out getting into the game, and he keeps helping everyone through it.

– He also tends to roll nat 20’s on boss attacks – So that’s a BIG MINUS. No seriously, Adam rolled 5 straight 20’s on our last boss fight. Fortunately for us, all of those were at disadvantage due to some clever party disables. Thank the dice gods!

I hope the review helps you out, if you’re looking at some of his upcoming games!



Z (verified owner)


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