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The dream...

You’re here because you're interested in becoming a Game Master for RPG Club.

You're also based in the US. 

The Game Master's dream:

1) Run amazing online games for dedicated, engaged players and have a blast doing it.

2) Build amazing communities of people who want to adventure as much as you want to run your game. 

3) Get paid (+$100 per three hour session average).


This can't be real...

It is. 

It's what we do. We help GMs build personal businesses serving amazing players.

And, GMs that follow our internal suggestions build successful businesses. 

It's awesome. 

Be forewarned, it will require work.

Those who stick it out become successful professional GMs. 

Still interested? 

The details are below. 

How does this work?

1) You are an independent GM (Host). You can use and its associated tech channels to recruit and organize tables of paying players to build your GM business. 

Legally, you’re considered an Independent Contractor, which means you work for yourself and set your own schedule. 

It's pretty cool.

We take care of bringing players to the site, marketing the platform, and developing awesome tools to make your life easier. 

This lets you focus on running games.

2) Payments for sessions are processed via the site to a bank account of your choice. Easy stuff. 

3) Our most successful GMs have several active listings, are active beyond the platform on social media, and engage with users in our player discord. 

4) We provide you with a “playbook” for success. You’re welcome to use it, or try out your own approach. 

The typical “ramp up” for GMs is about 30 days (it takes some time to get your events up, profile created, and get the “feel” for what players are looking for). 

5) Run whatever system you want, so long as you can teach it and provide amazing support for players. Many of our games see beginning players or players “new to a specific system.”

6) You provide all your tech and software. Players often enjoy a video conference and VTT. But if you desire you can run Theater of the Mind (video only) games. 

7) When your GM profile is created, you’ll be asked to agree (sign) our host Work Agreement. All this does is specify some additional specifics so we're on the same page regarding GMing policies. 

Want to give it a try? 

Strong GMs will have many or all of the following qualities:

  1. Professional experience: 2-3 years minimum professional experience in a any field/career

  2. Teacher/mentor/guide storyteller with great facilitation skills helps a lot, we have lots of new players.

  3. Technically skilled in using a virtual table top and video conferencing software to run an online roleplaying game session.

  4. A professional, reliable, client focused work ethic to ensure great sessions, as scheduled, every time.

  5. BONUS QUALITY: A willingness to be active and engage on social media and in player discussion forums can make all this go a lot faster. 

Interested? Click the button below to send us a message so we can get you started. 





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