The War of Dominion a Vasselhiem Adventure Dungeons and Dragons 5e (Session 10)

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed


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In the shadowed reaches of the North of Issylrah, where the cold bites with secrets long entombed beneath frost and shadow, a story of ancient might and dominions forgotten is about to awaken. Welcome, brave hearts, to an odyssey where the very weave of reality teeters on the brink, a legend that spans the chasm of time, reaching from the ancient echoes of the Pre-Calamity era to the present day, 1189 PD.

In an epoch where whispers of the Age of Arcanum still haunt the corridors of the past, a cult, shrouded in mystery and veiled in darkness, rises anew. Propelled by faith in a prophecy obscured to all but the most hidden arcane texts, their quest for the Lich Stone, a relic of unfathomable power, begins. Nestled in the treacherous embrace of the Zenwick Mountains, guarded by the venerable stronghold known as WhiteFang Reach, lies their object of desire.

But what drives a cult, cloaked in secrecy and dread, to seek such an artifact? The answer lies in the shadows of two figures, whose demise in a war long past has been shielded from the annals of history, a secret preserved for centuries. Their end is the key to unshackling the Elemental Earth Titan, a force with the potential to remold the world itself.

As your journey begins, you find yourselves not as wanderers of distant lands nor as seekers of fortune untold, but as humble servants within the stoic and snow-bound walls of WhiteFang Reach. This fortress, a testament to endurance and vigilance, stands guard over the northern realms of Issylrah, a bulwark against the encroaching whispers of darkness and cold from beyond.

One night, under a sky alight with the green fire of the auroras, the commander of WhiteFang Reach summons you. With the weight of concern etched upon his brow, he speaks of a scouting party that has gone missing near the ancient ruins believed to be connected to the dark cult rising in the north. He sees in you, his most promising new recruits, the spark of something greater. This mission, he declares, is not merely one of rescue but of paramount importance to understanding the shadow that threatens to engulf the land.

And so, armed with the trust of WhiteFang Reach and the bonds forged in fire and ice, you set out into the frozen darkness. Beyond the safety of the Reach’s walls, the wilderness holds secrets of its own, and the missing scouts are but the first thread of a web that spans the chasm of ages. Your journey will take you to forgotten places, into the heart of ancient magics, and face to face with destinies that intertwine with the very fate of Exandria itself.

This, then, is where your true test begins. As servants of WhiteFang Reach, you carry not just the hope of its people, but the weight of a world on the brink. The path ahead is fraught with peril, but also with the promise of legend. For in the darkest of times, the brightest of heroes are forged.

Arm yourselves, adventurers. Collect your courage, your arms, and your magics. The destiny of the world lies in your hands. Welcome to the saga of mystery and the quest for the Lich Stone. The adventure commences now. Will you heed the call?


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 29 reviews)
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This GM is the REAL deal!

April 1, 2024

I am in two campaigns he’s running and I look forward to playing both each week! He expertly crafts a compelling story with challenging but rewarding combat. Jason also listens to how you want your character to progress, and does a wonderful job at weaving those threads into the campaign! I leave each session wanting more and re-loving DnD! If you like a fair share of all the three pillers of TTRPG (RP, Combat, Exploration) then get a seat on one of Jason’s tables! You won’t regret it!

Lee (verified owner)

Best part of the week is our weekly game!

March 7, 2024

Jason is an amazing person and extremely talented, skilled and knowledgeable game master/dungeon master. I used to enjoy playing DND. Now, I love playing DND. The story lines are entertaining, and engaging while the combat is challenging, never a cake walk but always rewarding and the RP is like a tv table read. This campaign will end one day, it will be a very sad day……. unless I can immediately jump into another one of Jason’s campaigns. Thanks Jason!

Mario Provini (verified owner)

Amazing Storyteller who will motivate you to step up your game

February 20, 2024

I have had the pleasure of playing 2 D&D campaigns and Candela Obscura with Jason. I was fairly new to D&D and very inexperienced with the role play aspect when I started playing with Jason. I have grown and improved so much as player at Jason’s tables. Jason is so good at what he does you get very invested in the story being created. He really knows how to balance combat extremely well. I am someone who likes strategy games & rising to the challenge Jason delivers it like no other. I don’t know how many voices Jason can do but it’s so many & so impressive I think he might have missed his calling as a voice actor. If you want compelling role play and difficult but rewarding combat grab a seat at one of his tables when you get the chance.

Kerri (verified owner)

Great homebrew campaign from a great GM

February 17, 2024

Love the campaign! Challenging combat, fun RP, compelling story, and fully built out world!

Dustin (verified owner)

Could Never Have Imagined Having So Much Fun

February 17, 2024

I’m a first time D&D player and was unsure about getting started – but Jason made the experience more fantastic than I could have imagined. He brought together such a fun group of players, has patiently explained aspects of the game and has created such a vivid and wonderful fantasy journey. I look forward to the three hours of game play every week and can’t imagine having this kind of experience without Jason’s imagination and passion.

VictoriaCAi (verified owner)


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