Shards of Destiny: The Quest for the Heartstone (Play-by-Post Campaign)

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FantasyPlay By Post


Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed


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About the Adventure

Adventure-World Overview:

In the shattered realm of Ardenthall, the floating islands drift on the brink of oblivion, held together only by the fading power of the Heartstone. As adventurers, you are drawn to this ancient and fragmented world by dreams, prophecies, and the whispers of fate. Your journey will lead you across the perilous Azure Expanse, through the verdant Wilds, and atop the highest peaks to uncover the secrets of the Sundering and the potential to heal the fractured realm.

Expect a world where the very ground beneath your feet may shift, where ancient magic flows as freely as the winds, and where the remnants of a once-great civilization hold the keys to Ardenthall’s salvation or its final doom. You will navigate between islands on glowing bridges of magic, encounter beings born from the essence of the world itself, and face challenges that will test your courage, wisdom, and strength.

Your journey will not only reveal the mysteries of Ardenthall but also the true nature of your destinies, as the fate of the Shattered Realms rests in your hands. Will you unite the fragments of this broken world, or will you become yet another echo in the annals of its storied past?

What is a “RPG”? What is “PBP”?:

If you’re completely new to RPGs, RPG = Role Playing Game. In an RPG, you create a character that allows you to explore the world and interact with other individuals to tell a story. PBP = Play by Post; which means that you will “roleplay” as your character by typing up what they say or do. If this is still confusing, no worries! I will teach you how to create a character on D&D Beyond and how to play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition in Discord. And ff that’s intimidating, I will provide pre-generated character so that you can jump in and immediately play.

Game Logistics

This format/game has no set session time; it’s a 24/7 roleplay experience within a text format. Players and GM communicate in a chat channel and narrate in a separate and dedicated channel for immersion. The GM (me) will set the scene and then players explain how their characters react and what they say and do, and then the GM explains the effect of their words and actions, often with return dialogue, and this continues.

What Players Need:

  • One (1) free Discord account
  • One (1) free profile on D&D Beyond
  • The desire to use one’s imagination

What the GM Provides:

  • Additional access to content on D&D Beyond
  • A robust set of channels with a sophisticated system to deliver a great PBP experience
  • Visuals of NPCs, monsters, and maps
  • 24/7 access to me (the GM) with any questions, ideas, and thoughts about the game
  • Character Builder PDF

Character Creation Guidelines:

No restrictions, but there are 3 main races based upon the current lore: Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. With that being said, there are different islands with different people, culture, and nuisances. I encourage each player to play what they want to play as and to use this game as an opportunity to try out that character concept you’ve always wanted.

Player character stats will be determined using Standard Array or Point Buy. If you don’t know what these are, don’t worry – I’ll be able to explain!

Lastly, I provide as many “Session 0’s” as you need to feel comfortable in the game-world. These will be done before our session and at any time YOU need them.

Who Will Like/Want to Play This Game:

  • Folks who want to learn D&D 5e or participate in fantasy-themed RPGs
  • People who like the fantasy and steam-punk genres
  • Players with tight schedules (parents, caregivers, and working adults)
  • Gamers who want to play 24/7 and not feel restricted by a time-zone

Game Includes but is not limited to…

  • Political Intrigue
  • Warfare and Brutality
  • High Fantasy and the Arcane
  • Warfare and Execution
  • Steam Punk


Message me with the Contact button at the top of the page or sign up with the button above so we can get in touch and answer any questions you might have!


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 7 reviews)
Very good0%

Fantastic time

May 25, 2024

Brain does an excellent job walking his players through scenarios and explaining game mechanics. As an aspiring DM, it was great to be able to observe how he interacts with his players and runs his game. Amazing experience, would highly recommend!

Gabriel C. King (verified owner)

Amazing experience for a first timer!

May 1, 2024

Brian is as passionate as he is hilarious with what he does. He is so good at making people feel welcome and really being an ambassador for new players to the games he presents. The game was fun. New folks were well cared for in terms of advice on character builds. Wonderful experience all around, and my group and I will absolutely be consulting with this fine DM again!

The Yeti (verified owner)

Awesome time

March 2, 2024

Brian is great. He likes to dive into the player’s experiences and reactions. Very dedicated to making each session immersive.

Benny M (verified owner)


January 21, 2024

Thanks so much for the informative and insightful session, it will help me a ton going forward!

Colton H. (verified owner)

A fantastic experience

November 22, 2023

I usually running Adventure League over zoom for my not so near local comic shop in Ohio over zoom, so it’s nice to get a break and be one a player. Brain is a stellar game master. He makes his adventures fun as well as exciting. I’m so glad that I got a chance to play Star Wars 5e. Great zjon

Kristi Lorenz (verified owner)


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