Noctis – Fall of Lords (5e homebrew mini-campaign)

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Near the Haven Font your group readies to head into Winnie’s Tack and Tavern for ale and warmth when the bell on the wall chimes! All eyes drawn to guards stationed on the towering wall. They call down to the sergeant at arms, “A RUNNER APPROACHES!”. The thick iron gates groan and begrudgingly open as oxen laboriously press into their yokes as chains activate heavy wenches. The mists of the wilds follow the runner as his chest heaves, gasping for breath, “High Knoll has been sacked!”

As the crowd gathers you overhear that this prized motte and bailey style hamlet has fallen to the denizens of the mist-marshes! The only survivors are a small family of three. The sergeant at arms slaps the shaking man across the pate, “Where is the family?!”  The runner whimpers that he heard howls in the mists and panicked. He left them not 500 feet from the wall, resting in a gully. He cries as he reveals that the father, mother and their little son are too injured to make it here on their own. “Someone has to go out there.” Silence as a throng of peasants, threadbare merchants and sellswords try to rally some courage– no takers. Someone from the crowd yells out that the guards should go. Even the guards hesitate as all look beyond the gate to the dark night beyond, not 40 feet away–vision fails you as the roiling mists of Noctis blanket the land. Who will go? It’s only 500 feet away… (a loud series of howls stiffens the spine)


NOCTIS is a horror/steampunk, 5E compatible campaign setting which will be published through Double Critical LLC and Deerwood Press.

The book has numerous sub-classes, feats, backgrounds, magic items, and spells as well as new game mechanics to amplify dramatic play.  To help newer players and veterans alike acclimate to this campaign setting I’ve written a five adventure mini-campaign that takes 3-6 characters from 1st – 3rd level through levels 8th – 10th level.

This campaign’s setting is technology vs nature. Most characters start in the Sol Spire, a tightly packed city-state that spans up and down the steepest peak of the Ordic mountain range.  Apart from this steampunk technological bastion of civilization defending itself from feral denizens of the wilds to the south.  The town must also contend with a strict religious dogma in combination with paranoid royal siblings vying for control even of the mountain’s meager resources.

The players in this series of adventures will take on the role of an Invictus: a religiously sanctioned elite task force that hunts down infected citizens and brings them to justice… but in this case they are tasked with looking for survivors and unravel the mystery of an important fiefdom.

New full Class:

  • Inventor: Mad Scientist or Automat Specialist

New Class Archetypes (subclasses):

  • Barbarian: Bog Reaver
  • Fighter: Mist Knight
  • Cleric: Mist Domain: Inquisitor
  • Druid: Circle of Mist
  • Bard/Rogue: Merchant Lord
  • Sorcerer: Spirit Shaman
  • Warlock: Wyrm Caller

New Backgrounds:

  • Angelic Mark
  • Inquisitor
  • Blood Bonded
  • Mistwalker
  • Midspark Miner
  • Outcast
  • Wolf Pack Initiate

New Playable Races:

  • Mindflayer (Ilithids)
  • Orc Variant
  • Lycanthrope Variant
  • Vampire Variant

+New Feats

+New Spells

+New Magic Items


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
Very good0%

Highly immersive game play and beginner friendly...

July 6, 2024

I recently had the pleasure of playing in a Cyberpunk Red game run by HollywoodDM (Nat), and it was an outstanding experience! HollywoodDM made the entire process incredibly smooth and enjoyable.

From the start, he created an immersive and engaging story that drew us all in. His vivid descriptions and dynamic storytelling brought the cyberpunk world to life, making it easy for us to get lost in the narrative. He was also incredibly patient and helpful, taking the time to explain the rules and mechanics in a way that was easy to understand.

What truly stood out was his ability to guide us through our first experience with the system. He provided us with a plethora of ideas and options for what our characters could do, ensuring that we felt empowered and excited to explore the game. His enthusiasm and dedication to making sure we had a great time were evident throughout the session.

Overall, GM Nat is an exceptional game master who excels at creating a beginner-friendly and immersive experience. If you’re new to Cyberpunk Red or just looking for a fantastic game master, I highly recommend playing in one of his games!


A very unique oneshot that was thoroughly fun, made by an awesome DM!

June 30, 2024

HollywoodDM is an incredible DM and very well experienced to anticipate my groups actions, and work with them on the fly. This oneshot was very fun and I highly recommend anyone reading this review to give him a shot. I know that I don’t regret playing in his oneshot, and I know that you sure won’t! And to my DM, masterfully done, masterfully played, 10 out of 10 would play again.


An amazing DM... a true rare talent!

June 5, 2024

I’ve played every permutation of D&D since 1984, and what makes every game enjoyable is a GM focused on story and character. Nate has a wide arsenal of voices and differentiated NPC motivations and in-depth back-story, which combine to make his world-building feel full and truly “alive.”; During game sessions, his descriptions are rich, and his pace of play is neither hindered by excessive role-play, nor Spartan/without flair combat (specifically, he doesn’t pull punches in fights, which I appreciate and prefer). I’ve also found that even small clues and seemingly incidental details present themselves in all NPC interactions, many of which lead to entire other adventures, or even campaigns. He really does balance his non-combat/combat sections well, and while I’m not privy to other groups that he runs, my group of veteran players are thoroughly addicted. I highly recommend you hire him for your campaign, or one-shot (just don’t take my time slot)!



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