D&D 5e Szass Tam’s Gambit Thay’s Reckoning (Faerun Adventure Session 0)

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Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed


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About the Adventure

Adventure Overview

Before the Red Wizards could cast their shadow over Faerun, there was one who rose from the ashes of forgotten crypts to challenge the very balance of the continent. “Szass Tam’s Gambit” is a campaign deeply woven into the fabric of Thay’s lust for power, following the chilling rise of the lich Szass Tam. As players, you will navigate a land rife with clandestine warfare, magical supremacy, and the restless dead. Join me each week and step into a saga where the stakes are as high as the spires of Thayan ziggurats.


Preparation (For Players)

Equip yourselves with a computer, a stable Wi-Fi connection, and a microphone to delve into the arcane depths of Thay. Utilize digital platforms like Tail spire for our virtual tabletop experience, D&D Beyond for character management, and Discord for our in-game strategizing and post-game debriefs. There is no cost to access these tools, but having your personal copy of the Player’s Handbook is recommended, although my digital library remains at your disposal.


Who Will Like This Game

Those enthralled by tales of dark ambition, set against a backdrop of a nation bathed in both literal and metaphorical scarlet, will find themselves at home. If you savor stories that pit survival against the machinations of immortal beings, and where the moral compass spins in a dance of power and sacrifice, then this is where your legend begins.


Character Creation

All classes and races are welcome, with a special invocation to embrace the arcane and the occult, the pillars of Thayan society. Our zero session will be our cauldron where characters are forged in consensus. Any system that kindles your role-playing flame is welcome. Craft your backstory with care—let it be a tapestry that intertwines your destiny with the dark dreams of Szass Tam and the fate of Faerun.



Our table is a covenant of cooperation, where fun is the highest doctrine. The campaign will course through the veins of adult themes, with the thrill of political intrigue, the dance of spell craft, and the clash of armies. Roleplay is the heart of our journey, encouraged but not mandatory. Bring your dice to summon the spirit of chance or let the digital dice of D&D Beyond roll as your fate. Here, we step out of reality and into the grand theatre of Thay, where the curtain rises on the epic of “Szass Tam’s Gambit.”


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 29 reviews)
Very good0%

This GM is the REAL deal!

April 1, 2024

I am in two campaigns he’s running and I look forward to playing both each week! He expertly crafts a compelling story with challenging but rewarding combat. Jason also listens to how you want your character to progress, and does a wonderful job at weaving those threads into the campaign! I leave each session wanting more and re-loving DnD! If you like a fair share of all the three pillers of TTRPG (RP, Combat, Exploration) then get a seat on one of Jason’s tables! You won’t regret it!

Lee (verified owner)

Best part of the week is our weekly game!

March 7, 2024

Jason is an amazing person and extremely talented, skilled and knowledgeable game master/dungeon master. I used to enjoy playing DND. Now, I love playing DND. The story lines are entertaining, and engaging while the combat is challenging, never a cake walk but always rewarding and the RP is like a tv table read. This campaign will end one day, it will be a very sad day……. unless I can immediately jump into another one of Jason’s campaigns. Thanks Jason!

Mario Provini (verified owner)

Amazing Storyteller who will motivate you to step up your game

February 20, 2024

I have had the pleasure of playing 2 D&D campaigns and Candela Obscura with Jason. I was fairly new to D&D and very inexperienced with the role play aspect when I started playing with Jason. I have grown and improved so much as player at Jason’s tables. Jason is so good at what he does you get very invested in the story being created. He really knows how to balance combat extremely well. I am someone who likes strategy games & rising to the challenge Jason delivers it like no other. I don’t know how many voices Jason can do but it’s so many & so impressive I think he might have missed his calling as a voice actor. If you want compelling role play and difficult but rewarding combat grab a seat at one of his tables when you get the chance.

Kerri (verified owner)

Great homebrew campaign from a great GM

February 17, 2024

Love the campaign! Challenging combat, fun RP, compelling story, and fully built out world!

Dustin (verified owner)

Could Never Have Imagined Having So Much Fun

February 17, 2024

I’m a first time D&D player and was unsure about getting started – but Jason made the experience more fantastic than I could have imagined. He brought together such a fun group of players, has patiently explained aspects of the game and has created such a vivid and wonderful fantasy journey. I look forward to the three hours of game play every week and can’t imagine having this kind of experience without Jason’s imagination and passion.

VictoriaCAi (verified owner)


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