Curse of Strahd: Eternal Eclipse (Session 21)

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New Player SpecificSword & Sorcery


Dungeons & Dragons 5th ed


Discord Video/AudioFantasy Grounds VTT
3 of 6 seats available
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About the Adventure

(Next scheduled session will be the eighteenth, with characters currently at level five)

Journey into the cursed land of Barovia, where the dreaded vampire Strahd rules with an iron fist of terror! Dive into the darkness to return hope to a land bereft of light.

This campaign will being at Level 2 and continue up to Level 12.

This is my first time playing an RPG.  What can I expect?

This module is a combination of player and story-driven.  The set-pieces are already in place, but is ripe for exploration.  Character choices will have rippling effects and deliver consequences to allow players to shape the world. Your mission is to slay the vampire Strahd – how you go about it is up to you!

How do I prepare for the first session?

1. Click on the discord link to join my server.  We will connect there to start brainstorming character ideas (Having trouble? Don’t worry – there’ll be pregenerated characters if you have a brainblock or are strapped for time.)
2. Download the “Fantasy Grounds Unity” demo available on Steam (or here) . It is FREE and once you connect to my server, it will provide many of the lore books required.  No need for an additional service to look up spells, features, and more!

What does the DM provide?

1. A dedicated discord server for the campaign where players can discuss, collaborate, and ask questions of each other and myself.
2. A full Fantasy Grounds Unity license, able to hold character sheets, run combat, and holds many of the lore books (Player’s Handbook, Volo’s Guide to Monsters, Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, etc.)  No need for players to buy elsewhere!
3. Other handouts and materials to enrich the gaming experience.

Character Creation Guidelines

Players will start at Level 1 and stats will be stat array/point buy.  If these are new terms to you, no need to fret! All will be covered in the first session when we make our characters together.  Characters should be heroic (or follow a “good” alignment”) and have a need for adventure for party cohesion.

Who will like this game?

1. Players who like to explore and seek out adventure on their own terms.
2. Players who enjoy combat that is thematic with pinch of tactical thrown in.
3. Players who enjoy interacting with colorful and fleshed out NPCS.
4. Players who enjoy teamwork!

GM Guidance/Details

This campaign is a swords and sorcery adventure with a backdrop of gothic horror.  Horror is not the focus and moreso aimed to motivate the heroes to put these horrors to an end (with maybe a tingle along your spine on the way).  Your characters are heroes, with the opportunity to bring light back to this dismal place and be heralded as bringers of a new age of prosperity.  The campaign is designed to be challenging but not hopeless – while also encouraging players to create their solutions!

Beginners welcome!


5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 9 reviews)
Very good0%

A great intro to D&D

June 16, 2024

I played in a one-shot D&D session tailored to beginners, and John was an excellent teacher and DM. I asked him a million questions throughout the session, and he always provided clear, thorough responses. John is funny, patient, and so knowledgeable about D&D. I highly recommend him as DM!


A fun intro to DnD

February 18, 2024

It was an excellent introduction to playing DnD online. The DM was knowledgeable, entertaining, and fun. Highly recommended for new players.

Larry (verified owner)


February 4, 2024

For the record, had never played D&D beforehand and yet, John made learning incredibly simple! He is an exceptional storyteller and as DM has a real gift for teaching the fundamentals. His campaigns are immersive. Would encourage inquiring new players to check out his stuff. Can’t miss!

Alex (verified owner)

A fantastic introduction to D&D for beginners

January 28, 2024

I recently had the most amazing experience diving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons for the first time, and I owe it all to the fantastic Dungeon Master at the table. From the moment we began our adventure, I learned a lot about how to develop my character and backstory.

The Dungeon Master’s guidance was invaluable and made the learning process incredibly smooth. He patiently explained how to work with each dice, helped me create my first character, and set the stage for an epic adventure. His passion for the game was evident, and his storytelling skills were truly impressive. I felt encouraged and supported throughout the entire game, and as a beginner, I never felt overwhelmed or lost.

I cannot recommend this Dungeons and Dragons experience enough to anyone who is new to the game or looking to explore the world of tabletop role-playing. It’s an incredible journey of discovery, and with a DM as talented and supportive as this, you’re guaranteed to have an unforgettable time. Five stars all the way!

Luis (verified owner)

Looking for a patient and fun GM to help you get started?

December 16, 2023

John helped me troubleshoot my computer/connectivity issues and he answered all of my newbie questions about the game. His character voiceovers had our party laughing the whole way, even while we were getting pounded on by goblins. Start with John and you won’t be disappointed.

Rob (verified owner)


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